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5 years captured for all time

I know it is a little late for the Firefox 5 year celebration but I thought that there was so much in the way of good content about it coming to light now that I couldn’t resist the chance to jump on the band wagon, and do a post of my favourite photos from the celebration, as well as a few snaps of the London event (taken by William Quiviger).

So without any delay here are the great shots from the celebrations.

From Rome: Carlo Frinolli and the nois3lab team took the time to create, possibly one of the most iconic shots to show off the Firefox communities enthusiasm.

From France: Tristan Nitot (and others) caught the incredible light installation at the Paris party.

From Japan: Mitsuhiro Takano got a great shot of hundreds of Firefox flashlights eliminating the ceiling at the Tokyo Developer Day this past fall.

From India: Vineel Reddy and Paramveer Singh used light graffiti to create some great picture.

Okay so they are what I consider to top 4 images from around the world, and as for those from the UK party in London? Well here are a few of the best.


UK Party 1

UK Party 2

UK Party 3

UK Party 4

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