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MozCamp Prague 1 day to go!


With just over a day to go MozCamp is now knocking on this front door. I am looking forward to the event, but, those who don’t get to come, do not fret. How amazingly and fantastically awesome could this event really be?

I’m sorry I know that was mean of me but this is a really big thing for me. It is not like you get invited to a conference of this scale when you are not part of a major company, and are only 17 years old. Well… I say my chance is 1 in about 7 billion, so it looks like I beat the odds there! That 7 billion came from the number of people on the planet by the way.

I intend to be going to the unofficial welcome drink and to the jetpack hackathon when I hope to learn a little more about the framework and maybe write a small audio player script.

So, a busy week ahead, and a lot of new blog posts all about the event, as it happens. Just keep your eye my Mozillaca account for the latest from me on the event.

William Duyck

William Duyck

I want to make the web a better place for the average user, to help them on their journeys to web literacy and participatory culture, and make great tools to support them in their everyday lives.

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