No Coding Tonight

Okay so today has been a day of catchup for my maths homework that I neglected during my exam period, though my day is not yet over 😒.

I have yet to go to my other job (the one which pays but does not challenge). So I doubt I will get anymore code done by the end of the night, however, I will do what I can to fix the testcase for the DAL and get a proper staging site setup… something along the lines of Will post more once I have made my mind up.

Yes I am moving most of my sites to however this blog is staying put for the time being. I have moved it before and it was a bit of a job full. I am going to get the rest of this college year out of the way before doing anything as big as that.

So just a friendly update. Don’t forget to read the latest Affero documentation post which you can find here.

Garr! I hate late nights, and working, and exams, and homework, and, and, well… yeah… I just wish life was easier and less complex… but don’t we all?