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Open Education and the Open Web - Day 2

Today is day 2 of the open education week, and an interested question has been asked.

Questions: What do you see as the link between Open Education and the Open Web? Does the former depend on the latter?

I'm inclined to say no. Neither is dependent on the other, however using the two together improves the openness + quality of each significantly.

Open is an ethos dependent on nothing more than mentality and best practice. The web is a communication platform that makes working open easier, and more inclusive of a broader audience. Open education to me, as I touched on yesterday, is about the interactions of learner and mentor (deliberate choice of word there), as well as how the resources are made, shared, and utilised.

We've already proven in the early days of the Open Web that it is not required for participants to have an Open Education. But it helps. The same is true in reverse. An Open Education does not require the use of the Open Web. But it helps.

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The tl;dr for me is that an Open Education does not require the use of the Open Web. But it helps.

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