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Response to Danny Moules on going to University

Okay… So, Danny. I while ago (well almost 3 months ago) I wrote a blog post about how things never go as planned. More specifically I asked the question “what tips, tricks, and recommendations do you have for a Mozillian going to university?”

Well I took your advice onboard and now I have a response for you. I will respond to your points in order that you made them… here we go.

Yes, “The really dull, boring and depressing modules that seem like a waste of time…” they really are so far. No offence Business… but I don’t see the point of Computer Science students doing your module.

“Learn. Experiment. Explore. Hack. It’s the best opportunity to do it but nobody will give you a cue. Just go ahead and be a hacker anyway.” Well this was going to happen anyway! It’s what I have been doing for the last however many years, and it is what I will do for many more to come!

“Student union groups are fun but also essential for meeting people…” Yes, again I agree, and I am that way inclined. However I wouldn’t necessarily call the societies I am a part of, a part of the student union. Well, not strictly, though I guess they are technically.

“Don’t lend anyone money. Anytime. Ever. Or books. Or food. In fact: keep your food under lock and key. With armed guards. And machine gun turrets.” Though I have not needed to keep my food under lock and key, I would like to know where you get the armed guards and machine gun turrets within a student budget.

”If a professor asks you to help him with a research project, treat it like a strict business arrangement…” I have not had this particular point occur yet however your advice is noted. Though the lecturers and professors here seem like nice, fair, honest people.

William Duyck

William Duyck

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