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Thank you anonymous for the shirt!

I recently received one of the beautiful Firefox 4 Beta Tester shirts, I must say a big thank you to whom ever sent it to me, however… I do not know who did! Thanks to my wonderful postman, I received it pre-opened, jammed though the letter box which is too small to receive parcels, and if there was a letter in there, well he must have lost/removed that too.

So thank you also Royal Mail for your wonderful service.

To whomever sent me the shirt. I thank you lots, and hope you put your best foot forward so that I may thank you directly in the form of a drink maybe?

Oh, and those just after a drink, I have a rough idea where this shirt came from due to the postal markings on the remains of the package. You may however still get a drink just for being awesome 😜

William Duyck

William Duyck

I want to make the web a better place for the average user, to help them on their journeys to web literacy and participatory culture, and make great tools to support them in their everyday lives.

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