This coming December will mark my first decade doing anything, but more importantly, that decade of doing was making the web a better place as a part of the Mozilla Community. For me this is a big deal, not only does it mean that I've been doing Mozillary things for over 40% of my life, but also because it is Mozilla, and the people that I have met through my involvement with it, that has shaped, and defined me as an individual.

For ten years now (lets just round up a little) Mozilla has been an integral part of my life, its time to look back, be nostalgic, and thank all those who helped make it happen. Thank those who have changed my life, improved it, and given it purpose.

Starting today I'll be thanking those who made an impact in my life, and will be using the #ThankYouThursday hashtag as a way to start doing so. One of the most important things in life, I feel, is recognising those who made your own better. I'm going start celebrating a decade of Mozilla involvement by thanking those who made it happen.