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The destruction for the creation

Okay so last night, I had, all be it a very late, Firefox with light idea. The only way to achieve this idea how ever was for me to… well… do something almost unthinkable for someone who is such a Mozilla fan.

19:12: * FuzzyFox is currently destroying a firefox logo O.O

I’m not proud of what I did, but it is done now, and nothing can change that. I do think that the sacrifice of this particular Firefox logo was for the greater good. I will let you make up your minds on that one however.

Firefox Light

I do have some of my just desert from the creation of this effect. It consists of several small stab wounds on my hands and a blister on my thumb. So the logo didn’t go down without a fight… Which is nice to see.

Firefox Light Creation

I think the idea of doing this in part came from my recent post on the best Firefox 5 Year photos. It got me thinking about how, I myself failed to achieve anything worth posting, so, here is my late celebration of the 5th birthday of such a great browser, and not only that, but my 5th year with the Mozilla Community!

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