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Okay so here is my daily post on well… things and stuff so this one is gona be a little different to my normal so bare with me. Also this one is being written entirely from my phone. 😉

So first off is I have a small survey for you about my current two posts a day rule. You can find that here.

Today has been a day of discovery. It turns out I suck at parametric trigonometric equations, and I have gotten a little rust with my PHP (most likely to do with using frameworks all the time). Life goes on still.

It also seems that winter + exams = slob me. I caught a good look at myself in the mirror while not half asleep today and was shocked at what I saw. I have also realized that my room has become a tip! Not by some standards but definitely by mine.

So starting next week (the soonest free time I have) I am going to pull myself back into my normal self and into 2011. This will be accompanied by an idea a friend gave me / suggested I do. A vlog. I don’t know the format yet, I think I will just make it up as I go. If it goes badly I will just blame @alex_venn.

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William Duyck

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